4D Ultrasounds Orange County

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4d-ultrasounds-lake-forest-caIf you have questions about 4D ultrasounds performed at Picture an Angel in Lake Forest, we will answer these questions and much more.

What are 4D Ultrasounds?

4D ultrasounds add an extra dimension which is time. As a result you can view live action images of your unborn baby. 4D ultrasounds offer a lot of benefits
4D ultrasounds
allow the staff at Picture an Angel to determine how old the baby is and to check for multiple pregnancies.

What are the benefits of 4D Ultrasounds?

Research has shown that 4D ultrasounds increase the connection between the mother and the unborn baby. This pushes many mothers to eat right and exercise properly. It also tends to draw mothers and fathers closer.

Picture an Angel can provide you with the best 4D ultrasounds. They are typically done between the 16 and 34 week of pregnancy. Prior to the 16th week the motion of the baby cannot be seen since it has not developed enough. During this time the baby has some fat so you can observe it moving using a 4D ultrasound. After 36 weeks the baby is too big and there is not much room for it to move around. 4D ultrasounds are about seeing the baby move its hands and fingers as well as facial movements.3d-ultrasounds-lake-forest-ca-bmp

Picture an Angel is managed by a caring staff. Our staff have state of the art 4D ultrasound technology. Most ultrasound facilities have top notch equipment. The thing that sets Picture an Angel apart from out facilities is the hands on care and convenience of our office in Lake Forest. Our staff will take the time to sit with you and answer you every question about 4D ultrasounds in Lake Forest. You and your baby will be treated as one of the family at Picture an Angel.

Picture An Angel is Orange Count’ys Leading 4D Ultrasound specialist that provide their clients with advanced 4D ultrasounds in Orange County

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